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Welcome to Home Forward’s form library. You can use the library to download common forms and send completed forms to Home Forward staff.

You can filter the library by clicking on your status below (Applicant, Housing Provider, Resident, ...), If you are not sure regarding your status, each status contains a short description of whom it covers. If you are still not sure, you can browse the entire library by clicking here or choosing "Full Library" below.

If you cannot find a form or need other assistance with forms, please contact your Service Coordinator or Property Manager.

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Applicants have applied for assistance from Home Forward and their name has been placed on a waitlist. If you have a question about your position on a waitlist, please call 503-415-8000.

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Housing Providers aka landlords are the owners and managers of private market rental housing.

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Residents live in units at properties owned and managed by Home Forward.

Click here for Residents at Home Forward Managed Properties Forms


Participants are individuals or families that receive rent assistance but Home Forward is not their landlord.

Click here for Participant of Housing Voucher programs Forms


Shelter Plus Care participants work together with community agencies, also called “Sponsor Agencies,” and receive rent assistance from Home Forward

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A library of our most frequently used forms

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